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JSR 341: Expression Language 3.0


JSR 341: Expression Language 3.0

Oracle Learning Library 구독구독중구독 취소 34,340

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게시일: 2013. 3. 1.

This session presents an overview of JSR 341, Expression Language (EL) 3.0. It describes the two main goals of EL 3.0: support for use in standalone environments and the addition of new features to add expressive power. It covers the APIs for creating and evaluating EL expressions, defining EL functions and variables, and naming local beans. Further, it describes new important syntax in the language, such as static member references, the assignment operator, and lambda expressions. Finally, it describes in some detail the support for collection operations, including the construction of collection objects and literals, and the support for LINQ operators.

Feature descriptions are illustrated with ample examples.

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