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Bliki: ContinuousIntegrationCertification

Continuous Integration is a popular technique in software development. At conferences many developers talk about how they use it, and Continuous Integration tools are common in most development organi...

My site is now on HTTPS

Today my site converted over to use HTTPS. Happy secure browsing.more…

Basics of Web Application Security: Authorize Actions

Authentication means you know who your user is, protecting their session ensures that information stays correct. Now Cade and Daniel move on to authorization: checking that users only do what they are...

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Regents Park, London, England

Bliki: FunctionLength

During my career, I've heard many arguments about how long a function should be. This is a proxy for the more important question - when should we enclose code in its own function? Some of these guidel...

Bliki: HiddenPrecision

Sometimes when I work with some data, that data is more precise than I expect. One might think that would be a good thing, after all precision is good, so more is better. But hidden precision can lead...

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Stoneham, MA

Bliki: ValueObject

When programming, I often find it's useful to represent things as a compound. A 2D coordinate consists of an x value and y value. An amount of money consists of a number and a currency. A date range c...

Bliki: AliasingBug

Aliasing occurs when the same memory location is accessed through more than one reference. Often this is a good thing, but frequently it occurs in an unexpected way, which leads to confusing bugs. Her...

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Acadia N.P., ME

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